Benefits of letting with us

Simply put, we can earn you good money on your property. We will guarantee your rent, we charge no admin fees, we offer 24/7 repairs, and we can offer you fantastic incentives to let your empty property.


We guarantee your rent

We have partnerships with local housing associations in the London area who will guarantee to pay your rent for up to three years, if your property is of a reasonable level. If your property needs improvement, our expert team can help to bring your property up to the standard required for health and safety regulations.

This scheme pays you, regardless of whether the property is empty or occupied.


We are great match-makers

We know that putting the leg work in when screening the tenants pays off in the long run. A happy tenant = a happy landlord = a long and happy tenancy! We won't just fill your property with the first person who likes it. We ask all the right questions and have all the checks in place. We can rent your property to professional or council tenants depending on what best suits your needs. Properties can also be rented out as shared accommodation for professionals.


Got an empty property? Get an incentive payment of up to £5000

If you have a vacant property, there are some local authorities that pay you up to 11 weeks as a incentive, which is yours to keep. We have a number of partnerships in place that have proven that this sector in today's climate not only offers greater returns but also more consistency in the length of each tenancy.

Ring us with your postcode to find out how it all works and to see how much your incentive and monthly income could be?


24/7 emergency repairs

Our team of qualified experts can fix problems with plumbing, electrics, gas, roofing, buildings etc. They're available to call out at short notice when your tenants have an emergency.


No renewal fees

It's no secret that this is one of the most exploited areas for landlords. We do not charge a fee to extend or arrange a new contract when the current agreement expires. In line with creating long term relationships with our landlords we would like to think that if a tenant wishes to stay on past the end of their contract, then we can consider it a job well done.


Having trouble renting your house?

So are a lot of people. The rental market is flooded with property that people cannot sell. Even houses for rent are generally not moving and when they do, it is for below its expected value. In the current market, working professionals have adapted their living and spending habits. Those who normally would have taken on a year's lease on a flat or a house are now choosing the more affordable option of shared housing. They are enjoying the freedom of responsibility that this choice brings, with reduced outgoings. Living in shared housing enables these people to enjoy a higher standard of living accommodation in the areas that they want to live in.

Please feel free to ask more how we go about getting the right returns and the right people in, to help fill empty homes.