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We offer appointments and viewing times to suit you, with evening and weekend viewings available. Register with us now and we will keep in touch via email, phone and text to update you on latest properties available. Once you have moved into your property we keep all communication lines open and endeavour to provide a quick response to any query.


No administration fees

We do not charge an administration fee to our tenants at the beginning of a tenancy. We believe that the landlord is our client, and without the landlord placing their property for rent with us, we would have no business. We believe that the tenant is the landlord's client, and so we don't see that it is the agents place to charge the tenant a fee.



We have a 24-hour helpline with a quick response time. We know how important it is to keep our tenants safe and happy, and to provide a professional and efficient service.

We use our own certified plumber, electrician and builder to ensure consistent high standards.

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Deposit Protection Scheme

The DPS scheme was launched in 2007, protecting deposits and reducing risks for all involved. Landlords who fail to register a deposit face being fined up to 3 times the value of the deposit, and losing their eviction rights. Tenants who have been proven to damage a property will forfeit money to cover the repairs, while those who have been great tenants will receive back their full entitlement at the end of their tenancy. It is a fair win-win situation for both landlord and tenant.

The scheme works by holding the tenant's deposit free of charge, for the term of the tenancy agreement. The landlord/agent must register the deposit taken from the tenant within 14 days of receipt. Tenants can expect to receive their deposit back within 10 calendar days of the end of the tenancy.

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Making your move easier

● References

Once we find you a property you like, we will move quickly to obtain references, to secure your new home as fast as possible.

● Contracts

We prepare all legal documents, and you will be provided with copies.

● Free Inventory

We offer a free inventory service on your move-in date, to avoid any potential disputes at the end of your tenancy.


Guaranteed home safety

All of our properties are kept up to date with the latest safety regulations, including a valid gas safety certificate, giving you peace of mind.